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Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm 25 again! I swear!!!

Ok... so maybe I'm not 25 again and just possibly I may be turning 36 tomorrow. I can't believe how many years have flown by and the older I am getting the more I see myself getting older and it's driving me nuts.

Like for instance...

1. It's definitely getting harder to do my liquid eyeliner cat eyes with some of these wrinkles I have going on.
2. I can't move like I use to. I'm sure if I did some yoga that would probably help, but geez... this lower back issue is killing me!
3. Knees? What are those? I own crunching joints o' fun! Climbing up stairs and carrying things are my entertaining challenges of the day!
4. What happened to waking up radiantly beautiful like I had never fallen asleep?
5. I now know why I don't want to look at pictures of my parents anymore... I'm turning into them.
6. I have a six pack under my six pack (if you get what I mean) and I never had that before... I think it's time to loose this extra "meat" on my bones.
7. I thought only old ladies that actually play bingo had bingo arms....
8. What happened to my perfectly straight corn silk hair? What is this crap growing out of my head? I don't remember being born with sporadically spaced coarse wavy hair.
9. Omg, are my ears getting bigger?

On the plus side... I still have no gray hair. Yay. :)

Have a great weekend guys!
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