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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Piece of a Piece That Holds Tiny Pieces!

Remember how last week I shared with you my miniature Knack Union Jack? And remember how I told you you'd just haaaave to wait and see what this cutie was resting on? Well I decided to let you guys in on the scoop today!

This is a piece of a piece of furniture that holds tiny spectacular little pieces of furniture! It's what Barb is going to display all her little knackalicious pieces on in her studio! Basically what this comes down to is, that's a drawer. I know, its obvious isn't it! But it was just steps away from being busted down to fire wood like it's bigger, more damaged, brother was. So instead of tossing it I thought, hmmf... I should make it into something cool...  A bookshelf maybe? Yeah! ... OH! Even better! A display shelf for tiny pieces of furniture!

And so after some paint and glaze the stylish "Restyled Hanging Drawer" was born. Ha! Yup, it's fashioned with hardware in the back so you can either rest it on something or hang it on a wall. I have a few more extra's laying around here that are going to turn out like this, and when they do I will definitely share them!

Your probably wondering what that splat of paint is up there too. Well, that's a color I mixed up on my own to paint the "X" on Anne. I went to my local Home Depot and got my good friend M (representing the Paint Dept, woot!) to color match and mix me up a small batch. I used it to paint the top of this drawer, and I have to say I'm absolutely amazed by the color. Depending on what light you are in will depend on what it looks like. It can look gray, brown, and even purple-gray. I have enough to paint a full piece of furniture with it so you know that's gonna happen! I don't have a name for the color yet, but I'm working on it! Suggestions are welcomed!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

A "Knack" Union Jack for b-squared!

I think it's become an annual tradition that I snatch up a little miniature piece of goodness and restyle it for my blog friend Barb at Knack Studios... and I'm sure Barb nor I will complain about that! For Christmas in 2010 I made her a Knack replica and sent it to her in thanks for her ongoing inspiration and endless encouragement, so this year I just knew I had to top the last one! So I went out on a limb and decided to do my first ever Union Jack... tiny sized...

Do you know how hard it was to box this little cutie up and mail it to her??? Look at it! It's sooo adorable!

If you are a follower of Barb, you'll know she love's her B's... all of them she hugs every day and all of them she loves to collect. So I thought it was appropriate to commission this little bsquared necklace from my bestie Ann Marie from Archaic Mementos and send it on it's way with this precious little chest.

Barb has swaddled both of these goodies in her arms with tons of love, which couldn't make me happier! As for what the chest is sitting on in that last picture... well, I will share that on another day, but for now you all will have to sit and wonder! ;) Don't worry though, I will definitely let you in on the scoop when the time comes.

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