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Monday, March 5, 2012

Say hello

... to Ms. M's Mirror!

Ms. M is the proud owner of Thelma and Louise and to a nice "new to her" old mirror that got the Retro Restyling treatment. It was already a very dark brown mirror, but it needed a new coat of oil rubbed bronze to match her pulls, and a little scuffing up around the corners to make it super special. It weights a billion pounds so instead of hanging it, it's chillaxin' on top of Louise. Speaking of... check out the girls in their new crib! Ms. M moved and the girls made it through unscathed, which makes me happy! She definitely has a lot more room for her awesome bed....I'm loving the bright colors of her quilt and her home made pillow cases... Plus, there's enough room for her two new night stands that are in the lab here waiting to be worked on. Those little ladies are going to be gorgeous. :)

Thanks for stopping by today!
Stay tuned, I have more projects to share with you this week!


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