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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Say hello Ms. C's chairs!

These lovely ladies needed some lovin' that's for sure. Just like the table they belong to, they were bumped and scratched up all over the place, but in the long run that proved to be useful during the antiquing process. With a fresh coat of Bitter Chocolate by Behr, they look 20x better than before. If you are wondering what that color is on the backs of the chairs, that would be the custom color I created last year when I painted Anne. I also used it on my knacktastic friend Barb's Christmas gift that I created for her this past winter. The wonderful thing about this color is what you see just above, it tends to morph to the lighting around it. Sometimes it can be grayish, and sometimes it can be this gray-purple color. The fabric I picked for the chairs does the same thing, and I was very lucky to find something to compliment the uniqueness of the paint.

This is just another quarter of the big project I am completing for Ms. C. A china cabinet and buffet are next in line... and be prepared for some bright colors to light up your day! The next two are going to be fantabulous!!!

1 comment:

  1. love your work!
    (I expected the chairs to be lime green or bright blue) LOL


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