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Friday, January 14, 2011

50% Entertained!

Ahhhhh, big sigh of relief! I finally got the bottom half of that entertainment armoire done! I am so grateful that my friends M & K (I did their table and chairs for them) gave me this armoire they weren't using anymore, because we really needed something for our 27" TV. The table we had it on was way too low and we could only watch the TV from the edge of the bed. By the way... "if it ain't broke we don't fix it" and that tube TV still works so maybe we'll get a flat screen some day when our money tree blooms. :)

I use to call our bedroom the "sad room" because it was a hodge podge of stuff we threw together just for the sake of having functional furniture. I put so much effort into making the rest of the house nice with color and pictures and so on that I completely disregarded our bedroom. So in the last year and a half I have tried really hard to pull together things that mean something to me and my husband. I have a lot more to do in there so sharing that with you will be saved for another post....

So here's the before picture of the bottom half of the entertainment armoire.
I guess it has some type of greenish stain on it.

And here it is afterwards with the TV on top. 

The inside is painted Behr Stealth Jet, which isn't a pure black, it's more of a dark charcoal. The outside is Behr Dark Granite. There are 5 shelves for the inside that are painted Dark Granite too, but I don't have the hardware to hold them up yet.

I have a rectangle-ish theme going on in my room so I thought these pulls from Home Depot would be more appropriate instead of the original round wood ones.

Thankfully I finished the bottom but.... EEEP! This is the top and I'm telling you, the bottom was as heavy as H.E. Double Hockey sticks, the top is going to require at least 3 people to put it on top of the bottom piece.

I have to grab some more paint to finish the top, it's like 3x the surface area to paint something like this, and when I get it done I will share it with you guys! Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy your weekend!

~ Susan ~

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