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Thursday, January 27, 2011

We Heart Cereal

The more I jump from one blog to the next viewing pictures of ingenious decorating by some amazingly talented people, it makes me look at my house and sigh. There is so much I would love to do with our decor but my money tree hasn't bloomed yet, so it's just not an option. Plus we rent, so I have to stare at bone colored walls all day long which doesn't help. We've also had the same furniture and decor for our living room and kitchen for almost 6 years now so I finally decided mentally snapped to work on a cool new theme for the kitchen. Now granted, my dream kitchen is the cool retro 1950's diner look: robin egg blue, black and white checkered floor, shiny chrome, cool cabinets, a 50's diner table and chairs and don't even get me started on the appliances that I'd want. But honestly I wasn't even considering a new theme until one fateful day when I was at my local Shop-N-Save. I went to check out and the cashier handed me these amazing freebie bowls!

Then BAM! Like a mack truck it hit me. A "retro cereal" themed kitchen would be fantabulous and soooo appropriate for my family of hungry boys. We <3 cereal. No joke... we go through so much cereal and milk in one month (9-12 gallons and at least 10-12 boxes) I'm pretty sure we fund the Midwest dairy and cereal manufacturing industry. But back to the bowls... hello, aren't they cool? And you can't mess with free that's for sure. So this got me on a brainstorming kick of what I could re-purpose in my currently driving me crazy "pepper" kitchen to save me some moolah.

First to potentially get re-purposed are these outdated jars. The shapes of these bottles are very cool, but the peppers scream 2001-2005 to me and I'm pretty sure when I open them up to dump them out my nose will scream in agony. Why? Because I've had one before where the seal cracked and was slowly evaporating (just like the two biggest jars in the middle up there are doing) and so I broke the seal and attempted to dump it out. Now, I'm an avid recycler... but that bad boy went right in the trash. The smell was atrocious. Hahaha! I laugh about it now looking back, but these lovelies are staring me square in the face and I know the job will have to be done the right way this time. So I'm thinking... and thinking... Yeah, I'll dump them out and give 'em a good washing and put colorful cereal in them! That'll add to the colorless walls and I won't have to stare at what reminds me of dead vegetable parts in formaldehyde.

Now my mission is to find all cool things retro + cereal. So of course, being well versed of the cereals currently on the market, I shot straight over to good 'ol Cap'n Crunch himself.

If you're familiar with the cereal aisle you might have noticed that the Cap'n has been looking quite 1970's lately. All the boxes have been retro-ed out and of course... I had to grab them. I'm adding some new boxes of some favorite cereals that we frequently buy but I'm still on the hunt for the retro coolness, penny pinching my way through to the end.

For all my readers out there... if you happen to know of a store locally to St. Louis or maybe online where I can grab some fab retro cerealish items, please leave me a comment! You'd make my day by saving me some time! :)

Have a great weekend guys!

~ Susan ~


  1. love the cereal theme idea!! personally, i consider myself quite obsessed with cereal and can heartily relate to your family's obsession :)

    i also love how themes sometimes just smack you upside the face. i would try framing some box covers? and handing some vintage wooden spoons? can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I have sooo many ideas of what I want to do with my kitchen now that I've picked a theme. I do definitely need some new dishes now, all my stuff has peppers on them. Check out the two links below a friend of mine found for me. They are literally a retro cereal box lovers dream!


Thanks for leaving me a comment! They make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside! :)

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