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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hand Painted Stools

I bought these cute little bare wood stools for my "nephews" (my cousin's little boy's) awhile back. I thought it would be a great idea to give them a personalized gift, and if they turned out well I would go ahead and put them up for sale. Well, I gave it a shot and in the end I think they turned out great! So they were packed up and shipped off to the boys and now I'll have a couple examples for the etsy store too!

I wanted them to have a "handpainted" look so I didn't tape off the stripes to make sharp edges. Plus each side is unique in the colors and widths of the stripes.

I adore Halen as a boys name. I have to admit though, the S is a bit wonky here and the H and the A is touching! Curse you OCD! HA!

Sweet baby Ty!

Cute polka dots! Again, all of these circles aren't perfect and the sizes and colors vary on each side.

T is for Total Cuteness!

These are for decorative uses only though, no stepping on these stools just for safety reasons!

So there ya have it!
If you are interested in a hand painted personalized stool, please contact me. These stools are now available in the etsy store. Designs are not limited to what is shown above. I am open to suggestions on what you would like!

By the way, the "Halen" stool has my new favorite color on it!


  1. So cute! And what little kid doesn't like to have their own stool WITH their name written on it.

  2. Thanks!!! Hopefully I will be able to do some more!

  3. Those little stools are awesome!! I think you did a phenomenal job and your "nephews" will love them. A personalized gift just seems to add a little more "special" to an item.


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