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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Repurposed Crib Rescue aka Chalkboard Wedding Gift!

One morning, on my short half mile trip from work to home, I noticed someone tossing a crib out. It was one of those drop side kind that everyone is tossing now a days. Well, of course I saw more than just a side to a crib, so I whipped my truck over and snatched it up. 

I sawed off the legs and gave it a good sanding down... and voila!

Oh I know... It's wet. And that gold wall is driving me bonkers.
My gray wall that I usually do pictures on was buried behind a few pieces of furniture.
Anyways, back to the chalkboard...

I gave it a good old "Elizabeth" treatment... I used the same paint and some distressing + a glaze and seal.

As you can see one coat of "chalkboard paint hand painted on with a brush over primer" didn't do the trick and I was running out of time. So I grabbed my paint and brush and the new gift and bolted out the door. I applied the last coat at the reception and it sat in a corner looking maaaahhvelous drying quietly while we all danced and ate and enjoyed the photo booth and had a ton O fun.

Speaking of photo booth... 

Ew mom.....                          Heimlich!!!
 Kiss me now!!!                           Throw em up!!

Raaarrraaoooorrrr!                             TAPOUT!!!
Kickin' It.                                Hahahah!

And I don't even drink... life is just always this much fun. 


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  1. Great idea! I found your blog via Rhan Vintage, and I'm so glad I did! Feel free to drop by Mid2Mod sometime. :)


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