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Friday, March 23, 2012

I Love the Oldness of Things

Last week I had a field trip for work and we got to go to the amazing Butterfly House here in St. Louis. I've been there before, but never seemed to venture out onto the grounds of Faust park, which houses the Butterfly House. Well, this time I had hours to burn so I grabbed my camera and hoofed the grounds on a beautiful 80 degree day, and took some great pictures of the old 1860-80's Faust buildings. Most of them were locked because it's still off season, but I did get a couple good "through the window" shots... 

For instance, check out the old rustic kitchen... love it. And I about passed out when I saw the turquoise fire burning stove. It took everything in my will power to not bust down a door and steal it. I think old log cabin houses are pretty cool, especially ones with a Dog Mill in front of them. I'd never seen a dog mill before until then... The old mud oven was great and I really was digging the yellow house with the hand wrapped trellis leaning on its wall. Then I chuckled a bit when I ran across this "Rules for Teachers - 1872" plaque in front of the old school house. Click on the picture to read the rules... If I was alive back then, and still the person I am today... wow, I think there'd be a witch hunt out for me! Ha ha!


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