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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Stool for a Lil' Rocker!!!

Check out this rocking stool I painted for a friend of mine and her son! They are huge Mushroomhead fans, just like we are, so I thought wouldn't it be cool to paint him an awesome Mushroomhead themed stool!! The Mushroomhead font is called Jean Splice, so I used that for the name on the top. The drums are water drums, which are comparable to the Blue Man Group drums, but way more rockin'! The colors change under the water, that's why I painted them blue and green. It looks amazing from a spectators point in the crowd at a concert.

But here's the kicker... the artwork on the side was drawn by my lil' rocker man himself! Of course I transferred it to the stool and painted it on, but it was his artistic version of all the band members in his favorite band. Jeff and Waylon are the singers, that's why they have "mics" in their hands. St1tch (Stitch), Lil' Dan and Skinny all play the drums, hence the "sticks" in their hands. Shmotz plays keyboard, Pig was on bass and Gravy was on guitar. And the reason their faces look the way they do is because of the masks they wear on stage. My son tends to meld the two versions of old face paint and new masks together.

Old X Face Mushroomhead

New Character Based Mushroomhead Masks

And for grins and giggles... here's my son on stage playing the water drums with the band just this past October, 2011.

^ ^ ^ ^ See? Cool water drums! My son... he was born to be on stage, I swear.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by again today! I'm booked up with commissions until May so you all will definitely be seeing some more before and afters from the lab here soon!


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