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Friday, June 15, 2012

Say hello

Isn't it funny when you are pumped and ready to start a project, and you're sanding and sanding and then you're like.... *gasp* I forgot to take a "before" picture! Well I totally started to do that with this table, as you can see in the top picture. Thank goodness I stopped myself in mid-sanding swipe and said...
"DUR SUSAN.. grab your camera!"

So this is the end result of the many many hours of working long and hard on this table. Even though there were days where I was frustrated with it, I appreciate it 110%. Why? Because I stepped out on a limb that I have never ventured across in the past with a few new techniques and materials that I had never used before. Honestly, I was scared.... Very very scared to mess it up.

But I'm soooo very thankful that I did take those scary steps, outside of the comfortable norm that I am use to. The table turned out something more than I ever imagined it would. It is so very beautiful and I am jealous that my friend C will have it in her house and it's not staying here.

This is just a quarter of the rest of the 1930's dining set that I am doing for her. There is a matching china cabinet, buffet and 6 chairs that go with the table left to transform in the lab. I'm so stoked and cannot wait to show them to you guys!



  1. It looks amazing. I had to laugh because yes, I've forgotten to take a before picture so many times in my excitement to start sanding!

    1. Doesn't that just suck when you do that? I did it again the other day, but totally got through all of the sanding and didn't even take a picture at all yet. HAHA! Oh well, there isn't much difference from before it was sanded anyways. :)

  2. those legs would of had me running in the other direction. I bet that was tedious! You did a great job and I love the color.

    1. Helen! Thank you so much! It definitely was a task to sand... many hours. But I found that a sanding sponge really helped out a lot. It got around the corners and curves well. :)

  3. This is one gorgeous table. Cannot wait to see the completed set. As someone who has painted furniture for 40 years, let me give you some advice. Paint it all NOW. You will avoid having a mismatched set - like my bedroom suite that has one piece different from the rest :>)

    Distressed Donna Down Home

    1. Hi Donna! Thanks for your sweet words and the advice! I have been going one piece at a time and still have the buffet to complete and the china cabinet. I do work a job as well that's why it has been taking so long, but I totally get what you're saying. A mismatched piece would be bad. Here's a link to the chairs I completed after the table. :)


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