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Monday, February 18, 2013

Say hello Seamus!

I read through the blogosphere recently that emerald green is the new "color of the year".... well how interesting! I already had an itch to paint something green but had no large pieces to work on, so this miniature fella seemed quite appropriate for the color. He needed a little work but in the end turned out fabulous!

This is Seamus, and even though he is a tiny guy he is busting out his green goodness large and in charge just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Tell me he isn't very handsome in that color, with those pulls and that paper in the desk and drawers? I love every little detail of this guy and as usual I will have a hard time letting him go.

If you are interested in Seamus head over to my Etsy store and pick him up for that special little girl in your life or that eclectic furniture collector friend!!



  1. This is so fun! I nominated your blog for the Leibster Award, you can read about it here,


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