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Monday, November 1, 2010

A New Place to Paint

What a week.... Things have just been overly crazy in this house with so many things going on. All through the week I squeezed whatever time I could into painting the room I will call my "studio", though it feels weird to call it that. On Tuesday we took our little metal head to his first concert. We received such an overwhelming response with pictures and videos from patrons at the show and the band itself that we created his own facebook page and a channel on YouTube. That literally took up my whole Wednesday. Then on Thursday I spent the day helping a friend of mine, she was getting married on Saturday. Friday I spent the evening painting up the rest of the room, including the concrete floor. Saturday was the wedding and reception which was in Nowheresville, IL. I didn't mind it though because it was absolutely beautiful weather with an equally beautiful wedding. Plus, I was excited to see my BF's custom made jewelry (Archaic Mementos) on all the bridesmaids, the bride and flower girl. The reception was fun, and lemme tell you folks... if you are getting married... rent a free photo booth for the night. HELLO HI-LARIOUS! So Sunday was my "catch up on laundry, clean the house, put everything away and situate the studio so you can get to working" day until we had to go trick or treating.

So here is that wonderful picture of my future studio that I posted before...

And now a couple empty room shots.
There is some mystery sticky substance on the floor that was here when we moved in.
I stuck a box over it.

I will end up with a solution to this wall sooner or later.

And now for all of you that have OCD... you may want to look away from the screen while you scroll past this part... My basement full of furniture. Doesn't look that bad does it?

Until you look behind the couch....

There is a place for everything and everything in it's place is how this house is ran, and now I can successfully say that is the case with all of my furniture.

I'm not too hot on the red saran wrap looking wall, but hey, it covers up the yucky insulation and I was really surprised the paint even took on the plastic in the first place.
Oh and I added another light in the back of the room.

Sooooooooooo much better. I woke up today energized and ready to work! 

Tomorrow I will be sharing with you some pictures from the wedding and a little last minute DIY I had to come up with from miscellaneous stuff bought from the only store in town where we were... yay for that lonely gas station!


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  1. I have a shop and i love it! I actually went through this in the beginning. I love your furniture pieces. I'm following you now! when you have a moment visit me over at designitgirlblog, I love to refurbish furniture too. :0


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