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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vanity Bench

Good afternoon everyone! I promised earlier this week that I would have the pictures of the vanity bench up, and guess what? I finally got it done at the besties house last night! She took a few good pictures for me this morning with some sunlight and it really looks good. She bought the bench with the vanity, though it actually doesn't really match, which is ok because we were going to restyle it anyways. 

So here is the before picture. Very... how do you say it nicely... grandmotherly? I'm not a big fan of cross-stitching. My mom was a crafty DIY girl herself back in the day so we always had crafts and projects laying around. I would attempt to learn how to cross-stitch with the end results of me wanting to light it on fire with a match. So yeah, this is bringing back some bad memories.

Even sanded down it looks better... OK OK OK... I know, lay off the stool. It's not its fault, it's my cross-stitch phobia.

And here is the after! She picked out the tapestry from Hobby Lobby, and we got well more than we needed so I'm seeing pillows for her bed in the future with the left overs.

I love the little circle-ly gold thingies on this fabric. I'm sure someone has a technical term for that but "gold thingies" work for me. That's a nice picture with the vanity in the background too.

And here's some detail sanding I did with a handy dandy sanding sponge. (Her poor camera died so this is a cellphone shot. Sorry it's not as clear.) She only wanted a light antiqued look, so I didn't go crazy with it. Though... she actually had to say, "don't go overboard now". Ha! I was getting a bit carried away. :)

So there you have it! What a great, simple transformation.

Tomorrow I have to do some supply refreshing, so I might just pop in really quick with a before picture of a buffet/server that is naked and ready for some paint. If you are looking for a buffet/server, check back tomorrow. If you are interested in it, we can always discuss color and design!

Have a great rest of your day everyone and I'll see you all tomorrow!

~ Susan ~


  1. I think the fabric is beautiful- I ran across your blog today while I was visiting another I will be following u to see what u do next

  2. I agree, I'm glad we found it. We looked at so many fabrics and she just knew that was the one. Thank you so much for following me, it really helps out to have followers who comment too. Makes me feel like I'm not blogging to outer space. ;)


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