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Monday, June 27, 2011

Brooklyn Bound

Alice was packed up into 3 boxes and shipped to her new home in the Big Apple on Saturday.... and I'm very nervous about her showing up in one piece with no damage. This would be my first shipment of a piece of furniture so large... well, my first shipment for the business ever so the worry of her making it okay has been tap dancing on my last functioning nerve.

But of course, in the meantime of this new adventure, me and my OCD did have fun packing her up. Lots of tape and packing bubbles and tape and paper and more tape was utilized in a packing frenzy here. I have to give a shout out to my friend C for the box she donated to the cause, it was the perfect size. And honestly, if it wasn't for my awesome husband this wouldn't have happened, period. He was there until the wee hours of the morning on Saturday helping me build a custom box for her to be protected in. AND because he's totally awesome he helped me get her to the Greyhound station here in St. Louis. So dual props goes to the ying of my yang.

Speaking of needing help to move her, there was no way it was leaving this house without another person to pick her up... SHE'S HEAVY! The drawers were in two smaller boxes that were a manageable 20 lbs a piece but the dresser in her custom box was 106 lbs! Thank God I've grown some pretty strong "guns" over the last few months from moving furniture around, it helped a lot!

I would also like to give another quick shout out to the Greyhound service desk girl "A" for her wonderful help in getting Alice on her way. She was very kind and happy to help me out and hooked a sister up with some may-jah savings to boot! It makes me smile to know there are still people out there who consider customers their main priority. As long as there are no hiccups I will definitely be using their services again.

Anyways, I'll let you guys know when Alice arrives and hopefully I will be able to get some pictures of her in her new home to share with you all!


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