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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Feed Me Seymour!!!

Back in the beginning of August I spent a week after my Dad's amputation taking a break from pretty much everything, including working on furniture. I had been so busy with doing stuff around the house I never really got to do the stuff I needed to do around the house. Isn't that just a kick in the butt when that happens? Anyways, I spent the day working outside and took a few pictures of my Gardenia's and my Morning Glory that I wrapped around an old extra chair of mine.

Here's what good ol' M.G. and the G's looked like when I finished that day....

Oh and my bench wasn't painted yet... Kinda lame... 

And here we are now......


Now we swear all we hear is nom nom nom and a slight wood dragging across the porch sound from the front of the house.... Seriously, I took this picture a few days ago... the bench is already half covered since then. And the weird thing is it never has bloomed. The neighbor has at least 8 of these around her mailbox and it blooms every morning, but it has no where else to grow. I'm beginning to think that my green thumb is really flesh colored and this is just a plain 'ol ivy suffocating anything in it's path.

At least the Gardenia's are harmless and pretty... and they came back really nicely after a good clean up and de-weed.

So it's a bit of a humorously pretty type of situation... My husband and I are like 12 year old's so we constantly are ventriloquists and making up funny voices for it and saying crazy things all the while laughing our butts off.

We're just a bunch of crazies around here.


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