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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Homemade Halloween

Happy November 1st everyone! We had a lot of fun yesterday and the night before doing a literal last minute Halloween house decoration. I spent a whole $4 decorating the outside of the house, so I basically just used items in the house that I had laying around or had as extra supply....

Like a king size sheet with a ton of shredded paper inside it's head, plus eyes cut from foam sheets made an excellent, and rather huge, ghost above my garage!

I bought some orange tissue paper to give the lights an orangy glow and spider webs to creep it up a bit!
($4 total) 

Then to make things even scarier, the hubs dressed up like this and sat on the bench with the lights off to scare would be trick-or-treaters when they ring the doorbell for candy.

Even though this was all last minute quick decorations, I did however, know a few weeks ago that I wanted to do some homemade hanging lanterns lining the driveway so I collected 6 plastic milk gallons.

I grabbed some sticks from a neighbors burn pile...used some of our kitchen trash bags cut into strips to secure the hanging sticks to the base sticks....cut Seymour away from the bench and used his extra vines to hang between the lanterns... I used some brown spray paint I had to "age" the bags on the sticks and the vines...then used some foam sheets I had here at the house and cut a ghost face, a small ghost shape and "BOO!" then hot glued them to my milk jugs.

They turned out like this! Very cute!

This is all of them hanging!

And this is all of them lit up with white votive candles!

I walked Mr. Ninja....

all over the neighborhood so I didn't get to hear the numerous compliments everyone gave him about the lanterns. I even had the neighbor say to him, "Wow! I really like your wife's jugs!!!"


Hope you guys had a great Halloween!!!



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