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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Say hello a set of four captain's chairs that taught me a few things....

1. Don't leave Citristrip on too long. If applied thickly it will definitely do it's job in a jiffy and leaving it on too long will make you kick yourself in the butt. The stuff get's sticky and hard to wipe off.

2. Working on rungs is time consuming.

3. Being a perfectionist can actually be a hindrance. I've known it for the longest time that working on something and getting it right the first time is good. Working on it too long when you know it's already perfect is bad.

4. Shellac is the devil.

5. Shield everything close to you during a stain application. Let's just say I went a little cray-zay and got stain all over the floor and on a piece of furniture and pretty much ruined it. Oh well... I'm using it for storage now, so that's good. :)

6. Spraying chairs with a sealer is so much easier and efficient than applying it with a brush. But be forewarned... If spraying for a long time you will loose feeling in the application fingertip if you don't buy a special nozzle to help prevent that. It's been 2 weeks... I'm just getting the feeling back in my index finger.

7. Last, and most importantly, the feeling of finally getting a project done...seeing that the end product is beautiful, and making a customer happy is truly a wonderful experience.

My apologies for the bad pictures....
I dropped my camera on the lens and it's busted and I have to use my iPhone for pictures.

Makes me cry sad face tears. 

Anyways, thanks for stopping by today! I'll have another "Say hello..." tomorrow featuring Jeffery!


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