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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Say hello

 .... to my friend "K's" curvy dresser!

My friend K was just soooo lucky to have scored an amazing piece like this. There was hardly any surface damage to fix but there were great little character nicks to give it personality. The drawers were flawless my friends... I mean, perfectly clean and rich colored wood, AND she had all the original matching hardware. It's like she hit the furniture lottery! :)

I also have to give her a huge pat on the back for matching up her rug to my Behr color wheel purely by memory. She and I were cubicle gophers together at the web design company that laid us off in the last couple years, so I knew sister had an eye for color and style. This beaut of a color is called "Golden Cricket" and I think it's spectacular on this dresser. Against the rug it reminds me of the summer sun that (to me) is fading away too quickly. But then again it gives off that warm fall leaves color too, so it's a great mix of both seasons. And thank goodness for the hardware too, I knew it would end up looking fab contrasting the bright color.

So what do you guys think about the color? Fab? Non-fab?

My apologies for being completely blog absent for over a month. We will finally have the internet back in the house on Friday, which is waaaaaay too long to be void of it. But that means good news, over the last month I have accumulated items to sell in my Etsy store and things to share with you. So you'll have to grip your interwebs reigns tightly starting next week. I'm gonna be blowing up this blog like a BOSS! haha!!

Thanks for stopping by today and of course for your continual support of what I love to do!



  1. love the redo and i think the color is so pretty!

  2. I love the color. It's a nice warm yellow but still has a sunny feel to it. Looks great!

  3. That yellow is an amazing pop of color, LOVE it!

  4. Love the yellow! Such a great piece! Follow back


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