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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Antique Vanity Complete

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend today before the dreaded Monday pops back up tomorrow. :)

I spent some time at the bestie's house yesterday with her vanity. I was determined to get it all cleaned up and drawers lined with her choice of wall paper. She will be tackling the hardware situation though. When the pulls were put on the piece they were tightened down so hard they made indentions in the veneer, and that veneer is so thin that I didn't want to sand it down to nothing.

So here is the before picture... it's needing a good cleaning and some oil.

Pay attention to the striped detailing between the before and after, especially in the thinner parts under the drawers. It comes pretty clean but it's so thin that if I were to sand it to get the rest of the darkness off it would just take it right off. The oil and wax really deepened the color of the wood.

 Look how dry the wood was. The drawer on the left has the oil and wax. Check out the depth of the veneer... it's so shiny in the sun. The oil and wax really bring out the details.
This is the paper she picked out for the drawer, a retro theme to match the old vanity.

And here is the completed piece, minus the hardware. She still needs to attach the mirror but that won't happen until she has room to move it inside. I'll get more pictures of that probably next weekend.

I really enjoyed seeing this great piece of furniture go from lifeless to lustrous. If you have a piece of furniture that is in dire need of a Retro Restyling Defibrillation, please contact me! I'd love the chance to bring any boring piece of furniture back to life! :)

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