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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Youngin's New Entertainment Center

PHEW! What a huge relief to finally be done with this project. Soooo many different colors which meant a ton of taping off and painting and touching up. Then there was the drawing... and re-drawing... and re-drawing of the cars on the doors and drawers (it helps to hone the skills, but geez it's time consuming). Not to mention the fact that the hardware was brown and that wasn't going to work so I had to paint that because I couldn't find replacements... Home Depot you disappoint me. Oh... and then the new pulls that needed to be painted. And to top it off I had to custom cut wood for the shelves and paint those and use a poly to protect them. I also relocated that pesky power strip from the inside to underneath by the drawer, hidden from view. This was honestly a rebuild and redesign of a piece of furniture.

So enough talking... time for PICTURES!
Please excuse the length of this post because of how many pictures I have to re-post for newcomers.

Before... the top piece to a TV armoire.

Uh... yup, ugly when open too. I took off the top pieces and filled the holes, the sliding TV piece was tossed and the power strip was removed.

The bedding from Target was the inspiration for the design.

The completed piece. The top is the dark blue, it just looks really dark in these pictures.

A close up of the delivery truck.

A close up of the SUV that looks like mine which was kind of weird.
I didn't even notice it until I started this project.

The center open. There is green fabric in the back for now until I feel like I want to actually put a backing to the piece.

A shot of the bottom drawer. We do have way too many VHS tapes.

Close up of the sports car.

Close up of the classic car.

Here's just a few pictures of the completed room. He's been playing drums since he was 2. :)

The old "tool box" toy box holds all his books now instead of the TV, which makes mommy happy.

There's a shot of the desk too.

I hope you all enjoyed my new piece of artwork. Even though it was very time consuming I really enjoyed turning this old beast into something functional and cute!

If you are interested in any type of transformation of furniture for your child's room, or maybe you would like some cute lady bugs or cars painted on the wall for your little boy or girl, please contact me!
Have an awesome day!

~ Susan ~


  1. OMGosh this is amazing!!!! You are a FANTASTIC artist! Wish I had that talent. Absolutely stunning!

  2. Thank you soooo much! It was a labor of love! :)


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