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Friday, October 22, 2010


Hey guess what I'm doing? Oh yeah... reorganizing. This house is filled to the brim with furniture and it needs a place to go. I literally have furniture on my trailer, on my garage floor, in the back of my finished basement and in this unfinished bedroom in the basement. I can't take it anymore!!!! I simply cannot get anything done with nowhere to do anything! 

This use to be my storage room before I started to acquire all the furniture, then I just started storing unfinished pieces in there too. Now that the weather is getting colder and the garage is becoming off limits (papa grizzly bear want's his man cave back) I need a room to work and store unfinished and finished pieces. I think I'm going to add some cool things in there to make it not so... concrete? I can't do a whole lot but being surrounded by cold gray walls and plastic covered insulation is LAME.

 Oh yeah... you can commence the poking fun now...
The pieces of paper on the concrete wall are labeling what is in that tower of shelves. 

No, that is not a floral ghost in the corner of the room either. It's my Christmas tree with all the fake metal branches hot glued in. I mean, hello... who wants to unpack, rearrange limbs for an hour and then pack it back up a few weeks later every year? Not me...

The good thing is I will be done with this tonight and will be able to kick this thing right back into gear asap!!!

This makes me and my OCD very happy.

I will post a new studio picture when I get everything done! Have a great weekend guys!

~ Susan ~

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