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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Open Shutter

If you've known me for awhile you would know that I have always had a love of photography, so much so that since I can remember I have almost never gone anywhere without a camera. Because life happens at the speed of light you have to be ready when it's time to snap that one in a million shot before it's lost forever. They are little glimpses of time, but even as insignificant as they can be to the grand scheme of things we have to capture them on film to remember how awe inspiring they were.

In my days of toting a camera I've caught dramatic lightening displays from my back porch, the heart wrenching aftermath of a car crash from my days of volunteer fire fighting, an elephant playing in a water fall, black and white crescent-shaped shadows from a total solar eclipse and of course the cute "this is too easy to caption" pictures of my kids. Again... tiny moments in a glimpse of time, but because I caught them I will never forget.

In high school my dad gifted to me his Nikon 35 mm camera (totally not the days of digital) which I grew very attached to and loved using so much that I took a photography class my senior year. I learned the process of how to take some amazing pictures, including open shutter. After a few came out really cool I was smitten with it. This first picture was me experimenting out of the classroom for the first time ever. I was standing on a pedestrian bridge over highway 70 here in St. Louis with no tripod, just a steady hand hoping to catch a cool effect. Check out the blinker exiting on the right... awesome.

(fyi: you can click on the pics to get a better view)

The next picture was actually an accidental picture I snapped with my cell phone. Not necessarily open shutter, but still... it was pretty cool.

The rest of the pictures were from this past Monday on the 4th of July. I shared some pictures I took of the fireworks in downtown St. Louis last year in my Happy 4th post, but I was determined this year to have my little tripod with me to capture some less shaky pics.

Here's some kids playing with sparklers in the small field before the fireworks started that evening...

Check out the roman candle going off in the background of this one. So cool...

Someone lit a fountain right when it got pretty dark outside....

And here's some shots of the big stuff going off.... this one looks like a dandelion!

Chaotic colors...

These two remind me of sea urchins but they were actually the fireworks that go off in the shape of a single circle.

And this one by far is my favorite from that night... Lots of squiggles!

One day I hope to be able to invest in a very nice camera, not only for the business but because I've wanted one for oooooh so long.

Thanks for stopping by today to check out my completely non-furniture related post! haha! I promise a furniture transformation will be coming your way before the weekend begins!


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