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Friday, July 29, 2011


I'm one for a good game of SCRABBLE. You would never think that it could be a heated game of word creation, but for years now the main goal has been: "beat my mother-in-law in a game of SCRABBLE". Sixteen years later and I still haven't, BUT ALAS! She hasn't been playing WORDS WITH FRIENDS! I have and for the last few months now I've been polishing up on my words and ready to kick some Mom-in-Law butt! Love you mom! ;)

Anyways, I created this cool magnetic glass tile SCRABBLE set for my bestie's birthday. She and I have been playing WORDS together since day one so I figured it would be an appropriate gift for her. Not only that, but she needed some cool stuff for her fridge. She lost her house to a fire in March of '10 and the kitchen was the worst, so all the cool things that were on her fridge melted. So sad.

Good news though, this set is currently available in my Etsy store! I have a light blue set like this one and a dark blue set ready to go as well! Plus I'm on the hunt for more colors or clear glass that I can customize with specific colors per order. This would be a perfect Christmas gift for that SCRABBLE lover you know. Keep in mind, this set is GLASS, not resin or plastic like you will see all over Etsy or eBay. This is a durable and heavy set and the magnets are strong! Shoot on over to my store for more information!

Since this week has been a furniture free week, next week I'm gearing up for some new creations. I'm itching to get my hands all dirty with paint so keep an eye out for "Say hello" posts!

Thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful weekend!

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