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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Woo Hooo Weekend!

This weekend has been just great, which is something that was really needed around here lately. Things have been pretty tough and having smiles and happiness in the house has been uplifting. I got some work accomplished in my studio, I completed some applications for a new job and I had fun teaching my 12 year old the significance of how to strategize while playing UNO. Yeah, he never won. You can't win against an UNO master.

But anyways.... these next few pictures will show you just how well my weekend has positively unfolded since Friday! On Thursday evening I linked up Elizabeth on Miss Mustard Seed's "Furniture Feature Friday" (#98 & 99 - oops! operator error!) and on Friday evening I linked up Alice on Fingerprints on the Fridge's "Feature Yourself Friday" (#339). These two blogs have thousands of followers and I thought maybe a little linky action might help out with people noticing I'm out here in the big blog world. Well it did. It's not thousands of people but over 200 unique visitors isn't too shabby!

So I went to bed happy Friday night, woke up Saturday morning and while still crusty eyed I checked my email from my phone and saw this! It's Alice in her new Brooklyn abode! I couldn't believe it, she was in one piece and looking fantabulous! Check out that view, what a lucky gal! I was doing a happy dance, which was kinda difficult because I was laying down in bed.

On Saturday night after filling out some applications for a few jobs (yes, unless this girl sells everything she's got she needs a paycheck too!), I went to bed. Again I woke up to sheer happiness! The American Legion Annual Car Show was today and the coolest thing was waking up to shiny chromed beautifulness right in my back yard (of course after you walk through a field first). Every year they have it right there in July, within walking distance of my house. So cool. :)

This is my dream car..... *drools*

I'm in Bel Air heaven!

And of course the classic DeLorean! Is there a flux capacitor in there? If it were mine there would be!

No too bad of a weekend, eh? Lets just hope and cross our fingers pretty tightly that this positivity keeps on trucking through the week.....that I get a lot accomplished in the studio, I sell some items in the Etsy store (especially after I add new items!) and I get a call for an interview.

*crosses fingers*


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