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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Pretty Stool for Amelia

This weekend I had the pleasure to hand paint another stool for another birthday girl named Amelia. This stool was a different style than the Yo Gabba Gabba stool I painted last weekend. It was definitely a lot bigger which meant I had more room for a great design. I was told Amelia was a girly girl, so I wanted something fun and colorful but not "princess-y" either. I love girl stuff, but too much pink will make me cringe. When I run by good 'ol Hobby Lobby to grab the stools, I usually swing by the scrap-booking paper section for color inspiration, and low and behold I found this great sheet of paper with just the colors I was looking for.

It's not too girly with the different shades of blue, but definitely could become girly if you used them the right way. I was loving the circles but I have always wanted to paint a harlequin pattern so I made my own little stencil out of an index card, measured everything out (even the circles) and got to painting!

Lots of pretty colors all complimenting each other.... and I had another satisfied customer, which always makes me smile. The good thing is I still have 2 more (yes, 2!) stools to paint for her. She purchased all of these as gifts for her friends, though I am making a special stool as a Christmas gift for her sweet little daughter. That one I'm very excited about because I have lots of ideas on how I want it to look. I think I'm going to go for a personalized piece of furniture type of thing...

So, are you digging the squares and harlequin together? Know someone who would like a stool like this? Send them over to my Etsy store where I have them for sale!

Thanks for stopping by again today! I'm working on furniture this week so keep an eye out for some "Say hello" posts from me!


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