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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

House Crash!

I was out at my Dad's on Saturday visiting him on his first full day of being home from the hospital after his amputation and as I visited with him I thought..."you know this house is amazing. I should really do a house crash on my Dad's house." Granted he will jokingly tell you it's "his wife's house" and that he just lives there. Well... ha! I guess he's right! My Step Mom has the most beautiful things that doesn't match my Dad's taste at all. And little does she know, but when they moved into the house a few years back and I finally got to see all of her stuff (she moved here from Oklahoma), she inspired me to start antiquing.

So this is really more of a house crashing/furniture showing more or less. Considering the short notice I didn't take pic's of the whole house. She would've killed me because she was cleaning and I only had my iPhone on me darn it. I just focused a lot on the furniture and decor.

Enough typing, on to pictures (a lot of them!)!!

Let's start with the extra bedroom with the amazing antique bed that in the old days used ropes to hold the mattress instead of a wood frame.

Then on to the master bedroom.

A stack of wood Anheuser-Busch boxes in the office.

On to the living room!

Then the dining area. I wish I could have got a better picture of the whole room.

The kitchen!

There ya have it!
I wish I could have been able to take more pictures of the whole house, including her awesome sitting furniture in the living room. She has a couple of wing-backs and older couches, all different patterns of fabric but all beautiful.

So whatcha think?
Not one piece of painted antique furniture in this home, but all her stuff is just amazingly beautiful and some of it is over 130 years old! Can you see now where I grew a liking to searching for that perfect antique piece?


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