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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I just fell out of my vintage telephone chair....

.....and landed on the floor. I swear I must have bumped my head and had some weird Marty McFly flashback dream or something. It's like waking up to your "once dorky but now yuppie" parents walking in from playing tennis, your bratty siblings actually talking to each other before they go to their middle class jobs, and of course stumbling out to the garage to check out your new 1985 Tacoma buffed up by Biff himself.

Yeah, it was one of those types of days. And I can't complain one bit.

First off, Anne was featured over at Be Colorful's Motivated Monday.

I was so thankful for the feature.
I love following Pam over at Be Colorful... she gets an A+ for her to the point witty blog posts.... and because I'm totally jealous of her beautiful home. Ha!

Then Suzie was featured in another treasury list on Etsy, which was pretty cool.
Now if only I could find her sweet little striped self a home...

Then came the whopper with cheese!!!
Dwell Studio featured Anne on their blog as well!

*enter falling out of chair*

Actually, I was driving when I found out so there wasn't much falling to do while safely driving but still.... I was like....

I think I might have actually made this exact face though which is not safe while driving... 10 and 2 people, 10 and 2. But I was just so happy I could have skipped everywhere I went today. Granted I would have embarrassed the crud out of the kids and they would have been like.. Yeah, we dont' know her, but even as awkward as it would've been, it was definitely a possibility because of my happiness level.

So there ya go. Look at that would'ja.... what a day.
Give me "misty rub the eyes wow what the heck is going on here" Monday's for the rest of my life and I'll be happy forever and ever. :)


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  1. Wowza, BIG congrats!!! I saw this post from them and loved it! Fabulous job!!


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