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Friday, August 12, 2011

New Teenage Bedroom Advice

Happy Friday everyone! I've been working hard at getting the garage sale ready for this weekend and in the process sold my 13 yr old son's blonde and blue bunk/trundle bedroom set from Ashley Furniture. This is what it looked like....

This is the new cool stuff we are getting for his room... a great 1950's blonde bedroom set!

Granted, there are some scratches and water marks, but it's so unbelievably cool and my son really likes it. He's growing up ya know? So he needs something a bit more age appropriate.

Anyways! My thing is now, the drawers are in great shape but the shells (outer surfaces) have the scratches and water marks.... do I paint just the shells? Should I mix it up with different colors? Should I let them be and just paint the tops? I want to keep them blond and not stain them either.

Then I think... Ok, I want to mix it up and not focus just on the mid-century style but add other styles to his room too. He is an avid star wars fan and loves the military so we have to consider that, but I just don't want a matchy matchy room. I'm so adamant about it not being a totally matching room that I don't necessarily need to use the headboard or the night stand. I need help! Leave me a comment, links to pics, whatever you can and let me know what you guys think!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the help you can give!



  1. Great score on the complete Kroehler set! Can't wait to see it all set up.

  2. I would paint the whole kit n kabootal navy blue or black. It's timeless and trendy and will last as he grows!!!

    1. Hey there Heather! Thanks for the suggestion! Actually... I was going to paint it a dark gray, but after your suggestion, and thinking about how much my son loves the military, I think I am going to paint it a navy blue. I agree that the blue would keep going with him into adulthood, because that's where he is heading quite quickly! :)


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